Full Time Dreamer

Even this tiny feet could reach the mountain.

My boss in office as always give us inspiration with his words every morning, after we did a morning prayer before start to work. He always remind us to live up our dreams. 

He said: "You all must have dreams in your life. Every great people had started their life by dreaming. Nothing is impossible in this world if you do your effort harder than others. You must make a history. Do not live your life with useless thing. Do the incredible things in life. Because you don't live twice."

I am taking his advice with all of my heart. Then I said : “Yes sir, I do believe the power of the dream. Do you know that I am a full time dreamer. To make a history in our life, to accomplish great things, first of all, let's dreaming. After that, don't forget to take efforts, keep praying and believing that Allah will always catch our dreams up and grant our prayers someday. Don’t upset ! Keep dreaming the dreamer !."


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