Pain Liberation

Nobody lives in this world without problem. Sometimes, every problem in our life comes and goes simulatneously. As long as we live, problem will always be our companion. It does not really matter, that's why we called it life. The important thing is how to going through with that life's problems. Don't let those problems melt you down and drown your life into the ocean of desperation.

I am human and I have many problems in this life. I have scars, pain, tear, and so on. I firmly believe, writing down what are you feeling, will liberate you from pain. It does really work. I am not that type of human who can easily tell everyone about my problems. I trust my diary, so I tell the diary about my problems, my pain, and so on by writing that down with all my heart. After that, I will have a dialogue with God. Doing prayers and let God listen all your burden. That will more liberate perfectly.

M, February of 27, 2016


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