To That Man Who'll Marry Sooner: Kholis Asy'ari

taken from etsy

To that man who ruined my heart, who broke his promises;

I heard that you will get marry sooner, it might be next week, or two weeks later, or month later. I do not know exactly and I don't give a shit of that.
Well, I can't say another word but you should marry sooner because you are getting older day by day. I am happy for that, yes I am. Really.

Over five years, after you sent me away, we never meet again face to face till now. How do you look like now? I can't imagine about  that. Because your face in my mind getting blurry. Sure.

Dear you, I wished you didn't texted me week ago after five years you sent me away and totally forgot about me. Why did you? Aah, I never expected you texted me when I nearly into my arrival gate in forgetting you. As wiseman says, throw away all the negative thought in your mind. So I think that is how God works in order to strengthen my soul. Accepted!

If only I had a chance, I wanna asked you, did your mission accomplished? What mission? Mission in ruining my fight forgetting you? Mission in... Aaah, I can't go on, I know you will be angry.. Be calm darling..

I know you would be angry easily. I never be good in your mind. You always think I am a bad person. In your state of mind, I am beast, I am bad, and the worst person in the whole world. Judge me as long as you live, I really don't give a shit about that. Feel free to judge me darla..

Negative though that you sow in your mind about me will eat you alive. Be kind please darla. You're so witty when you said that I will ruin your marriage plan. LOL. Am I fucking crazy? I can't get it on my mind. I was laughing aloud when I read your text about that.

So now, by the time you read this, I just wanna say, walk away. I let you fly, fly away.. You found your wing. Don’t worry about my forgiveness darla, forgiving is liberating, so I have done with that. My best prayer goes on you.



M, February 29th, 2016


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