Tolstoy, Martin The Cobbler, Grief, and Love

Few days ago, at night, I had finished reading a short story written by Leo Tolstoy, Martin, The Cobbler. I read the English version but I guess I have read this short story in Bahasa translation years ago. I was drowning into that story, I could feel how Martin's feeling and grief when he lost all of his children and wife. Everyone he loves left him, died. After all that griefs, he decided going off to the church. He murmured to God, asking why God let him suffer. At that point of suffering, then he tried to changes his perspectives about God's ways, how’s God works.

What actually I want to write is according to that story, sometime as human, when I have no ending of suffering and grief, I myself oftenly asking God, Allah SWT, why? Why me? Why do He choose me to take tons of burden in my arms? I have murmured to God, forgive me If I fell sometime disappointed with You. I think it is normal because I am a human.

Lesson I gotta learn from Martin's story is, as Tolstoy stated that we are never able to judge God's ways. God works in mysterious ways. We have to believe that God will never let us suffer. There are always good signs in every problem in life. Just patient, pray, and never stop believing in God. Because He is The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficient. Do good, do good, do good. When you do good, God will love you back.

I love reading Tolstoy


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